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Well what a whirl wind of activity this winter is proving to have.... There has been so much going on, lately!!

I was fortunate enough to be on the line up of the Regina Folk Festivals Winteruption - The Auntie Show!! What a great event that was!! I was able to perform with Mega Artists: Zoey Roy, Tai Reign, Kris Alvarez, and my lovely niece Raven Sage!! This gala Event took place at the Exchange in Regina, SK on Jan 27, 2023.

It was a Standing Room Only Crowd!! I am so very grateful and honored to be apart of such an empowering and vibrant show.

The next day I was hosting my very own Open Mic project at Shannon's Pub and Grill in Regina SK! We are hoping to make this a regular event! I am excited to be able to get other artists and Comedians an opportunity to shine!! So if your an aspiring artist like myself, please come on out and give it a go!! It will be a great forum to practice new material or get your groove on!!

During the Christmas Season amidst the regular Comedy Shows, Thelma and Bea were out and about! We had some fun and adventures! We hope to be able to inspire laughter and fun with our Antics this summer on the Pow-wow Trail.

Brainyass Comedy is currently running with 2 Comedians per show, if you like to book a show we are available and ready to come hither!! (Note: If your a comedian reading this please contact me if you'd like to help, I am always willing to promote others if I can)

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