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Annie Brass

Annie Brass, CEO and Founder, Brass Enterprise 2005 - Present.  Hailing from Kawacatoose First Nation in Saskatchewan, Annie celebrates over 30 years experience in public relations and community development.  Having worked with First Nations communities throughout Canada as a front line worker and addictions specialist Annie recognizes the need for indigenous growth and expansion. In 2019 Annie was the recipient of the Governor Generals intangible cultural heritage award for her participation in the Kronau Museum History Minutes, a video diary documenting first nations oral history of powwow.  Ms. Brass is a firm believer in First Nation self determination and financial independence. Whether it’s enjoying one of her dynamic comedy routines, informative workshop or developing business strategies Annie has always maintained a positive & thoughtful outlook on life.  Growing up in The Key Anishinabek First Nation, Annie is re-learning her mother language, and believes that we can never stop learning or experiencing new things.  The old adage of you will never know until you try has kept Annie busy for the past few decades, and will likely keep her busy in the future!



Indigenous Comedian - Native American Stand up Comedy  - Facilitator Life Coach - Comedy - Workshop


Workshops                                                                  Seminars


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“Cultural Identity is Key to building positive futures for our Nations”

Anishanabé kwe 


The Bent Tour


The Bent Tour

Once again we are hitting the road!!

We offer a variety of workshops & entertainment.  

You build the programs for your community,

1 day -  3 days - 5 days

  • Holding Onto our Dreams©️ Life Skills

  • Keeping Our Kids Safe©️ Parenting

  • Where Eagles Soar©️ Addiction Recovery

  • Gai da na nan da way ung©️ – Old tyme Healing

  • Blissfully Aware©️ Healing & Wellness

  • Miracles Do Happen©️ Adult Mental Health 

  • Inspiring our Youth©️ Youth Mental Health

Through our workshops and trainings we cover many topics including but not limited to; Anti-bullying, Addictions Awareness, Building Human Capacity, Entrepreneurship, Healing and Wellness, Suicide Awareness, Grief Recovery, Healing through humour,  and so much more! 


Personal Coaching 

Everybody needs somebody... 

“Everybody needs somebody to lean on”

Tom Petty ... such a famous lyric, so much truth!! 
Solutions for every situation, if you need someone to listen, to give support and feedback , or perhaps to help you understand a loved one and maybe give you some ideas!  

Annie has been a mentor and counsellor for over 30 years!

Respect, Honesty and Personal Growth are the tools that Annie maintains. 

Personal Coaching can be done over the phone or in person. 

Your First 30 minute consultation at no charge!



Annie Brass Stand Up Comedy 

Annie has always been gifted for telling humorous stories, and making light of life's daily challenges. It is through this talent that she has been able to channel her energy to Stand-Up Comedy. Annie's unique style along with upbeat & zany antics keeps her audiences howling with laughter. Annie has performed at Wellness Conferences, Community Gatherings and Fund-Raising Events, where her humor and style made lasting impressions. 
Annie’s most notable performances include the 2005 Healing out Spirits World Wellness Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, and her 2008 National Television appearance on the CBC Reality TV Special – The Last Bannock Standing with the Bionic Bannock Boys. In 2019 Annie made CBC National top 100 Comics!! 


A few snippets of some of the comedy I have done... I can perform for adult audiences and I can also do All Age Shows.  

Top - "The Happy Meal"  (All Ages) was done in Regina, SK in 2014 as part of a fundraiser for a Safe Shelter.

Below -  "Lady Bits" (Adult)  was done in Saskatoon, SK in 2017 as part of a show to celebrate women in Comedy.

Parallel Lines

Thelma & Bea

Staring Lakota Brass (Thelma) & Annie Brass (Bea), this is a hilarious series of skits, following the unique and unusual friendship of 2 Senior Citizens.

Thelma a runaway from a Sr Citizens home in Sarasota Florida & Bea a Kokum from Northern Saskatchewan meet in an Airport in Vegas, this comedy touches reconciliation, MMIW, and much more!!


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